Our second time

This is our second time with these guys.

We are very honored and proud to participated again in this initiative.

Our pricipal purpose is to present the sport we love: Taekwondo, an ancient corean martial art.

In the Korean language, the word taekwondo is composed of three syllables: tae (“hit / break up with your feet”), Kwon (“to strike with the fist”) and do (“art”, “discipline”, “method”, ” path “or” way “). Thus, “taekwondo” can be roughly translated as “the way of kicking and punching.” (from Wikipedia)



So we start our presentation making some exercises to warm up our muscles, this is a necessary choice to prevent any sort of damages during the second phase (kick) and to improve the strenght ant the agility of eachone. Then we make some stretching exercises at the end of the “warm up” phase, to cool-down our muscles.

Then, during the second phase, we start to use the legs. It’s funny time: jumping, kicking, punching but after all SMILING all the time.

This is the Taekwondo style, this is our style, this is what we are working for.

For our athlets, fou our kids, for ourselves

We hope all of our new athlets enjoy this our and half we spent together

Anyway we assure you of one thing: we enjoyed thist time much more than our “new” athlets



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